Frequently Asked Questions

How is RKLotus different from other template website services?

Other template website services require that you build the website yourself. We are different because we build it for you. We have been building websites for years and have the expertise to build them right, attractively, and quickly. You already have a million things to focus on, so we didn't think you'd mind if we took "do-it-yourself" out of the equation so you could focus on what you do best.

Why do you only have 3 layouts available?

One of our sacred values is that a website from us is going to look beautiful. We have created three beautiful layouts that we know look good with the themes in our repository. Sometimes less really is more.

What if I don't need 5 pages for my website?

That's fine! Only fill in content for the number of pages you need.

What if I need more than 5 pages for my website?

No problem! You can order more during the ordering process and fill out the content form again with your next grouping of pages. It's as easy as pie.

What kind of image formats do you accept? What resolution should they be?

We accept all standard formats for PC and MAC: JPG, JPEG, TIF, BMP, PNG, EPS, PDF. They should be at least 72dpi for the website, and 300dpi for any print materials.

If I don't have time to fill out all of the information for my website (web package) or brochure (print package), can I save it and finish it later?

Unfortunately our system does not allow you to save your content. We suggest saving it to your computer and when you have it all assembled, go to our form and fill in your content.

I don't know what my website should say. I'm not a writer, and I just need to get it done. Can you help me?

Yes! We have content writers ready and available to help you! During the ordering process, check the box "Help Me With My Content!" One of our writers will contact you to conduct a brief interview, then they'll write up your content! No sweat!

How do I maintain my website after it's built?

We offer two website maintenance packages to help maintain your website.
1) Pre-buy a block of 10 hours* at a reduced rate or
2) Pay-as-you-go at our standard rate, billed in 1/4hr increments. Often, updates only take up to an hour.
* These hours are only good for up to 12 months. Any unused hours expire after 12 months and are non-refundable. This is an excellent choice if your website information changes often.

Can I get a blog or a photo gallery or a calendar on my website?

Yes! These are offered at additional prices. Contact us today!

What is hosting?

In order to have a website on the internet, it must be stored on a computer that has the ability to "serve" pages up to the world wide web. These special computers are called servers. They host your website files and serve them up to the world wide web in order that your website will be visible there. Hosting in essence then, is paying for storage space. Just as you cannot have a car without wheels (or at least one that is worth anything to anyone), you cannot have a website without a hosting account.

What is a domain?

Your domain is the address for your website. It is the address one types into the URL or "address bar" in their browser in order to bring up your website. In simple terms, your domain is like your phone number, and your hosting is like your house in which you have your website stored. When someone rings your number, they reach your house. And if you choose to change houses, you can take this phone number with you. It's a fuzzy analogy, but in essence, that's what a domain is. It's your web address, and you keep it for as long as you decide to own it. Clear as mud?